More than 1.3 million Americans are needlessly harmed every year by medication errors.  Almost 100,000 will people die in hospitals each year because of medical negligence and over 210,000 deaths are unnecessarily caused each year by the effects of medical malpractice.  According to the  Journal of Patient Safety, the numbers may be much higher — between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of medical negligence, call the successful, experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and hard-working Bronx medical malpractice Lawyers at Sonin & Genis. We are proud that one of our medical malpractice settlements was written up as one of the top settlements of the year in the National Law Journal, New York Law Journal and ALM Verdictsearch.

It is the duty of the medical professional to follow good and accepted practices and standards of care and NEVER allow a patient to be needlessly exposed to harm.  Patient safety should come first, not doctor or insurance company profits.  Doctors and healthcare professionals that follow proper methods and practices do not unnecessarily expose their patients to harm by depriving them of a chance of survival.

Standards of care exist for the benefit and protection of the patient, not the doctor or healthcare provider.  Being a healthcare provider is a privilege, not an excuse.

With assembly line medicine, crowded waiting rooms, rushed and hurried examinations by “managed care” institutions more concerned with “cost control” and profits than patient care and safety, it is no wonder that medical negligence or malpractice cases occur with disturbing frequency, and with devastating consequences.

Healthcare providers sometimes choose to violate basic patient safety rules and standards, and these negligent acts or omissions, which constitute medical malpractice, can be substantial contributing factors in causing death or serious injury, and include:

  • failing to properly, promptly and timely diagnose conditions, illness or disease
  • failing to detect signs and symptoms of medical conditions, illness or disease
  • failing to properly and promptly treat medical conditions, illness or disease
  • failing to promptly and properly order all appropriate tests
  • failing to properly and promptly read, interpret and understand all tests and studies performed
  • ignoring medical risks, risk factors, warning signs or symptoms of possibly harmful conditions, illness or disease
  • failing to properly and promptly recognize and treat medical emergencies
  • improperly prescribing or failing to prescribe proper medicines and proper dosages of drugs
  • improperly prescribing contraindicated drugs or drugs that do not properly interact with other medications or conditions
  • using defective medical devices
  • unsanitary practices or equipment
  • surgical errors such as failing to properly identify parts of the body before cutting them
  • failing to obtain a proper medical history because a doctor doesn’t want to spend the necessary time to ask the right questions or listen to what is being said or fails to write down important facts
  • failing to keep abreast of medical knowledge, developments and literature


Honor thy parents.  When the people that raised us and built this country become unable to care for themselves, we entrust Nursing Homes to properly care for them.  Unfortunately, when overcrowded, under staffed senior care facilities are combined with lax supervision and owners that are more concerned with their profits than the quality of care being provided, Nursing Home Negligence is often the result, and has unfortunately reached epidemic proportions.  A recent national survey showed 3,500 nursing facilities were cited for unacceptable levels of care, 500 had situations where patients died or were injured as a result of neglect and negligence.

Nursing home negligence and abuse is another area of health care negligence that the experienced Medical Malpractice lawyers at Sonin & Genis are very familiar with.  Examples that are painful indicators that Negligence or abuse exists are pressure & bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition, weight loss, open cuts, wounds, bruises, unexplained injuries and falls that should not have happened if the resident were properly cared for. In cases where these signs are evident, the experienced and dedicated Nursing Home Negligence lawyers at Sonin & Genis are available to hold the responsible parties accountable and recover the compensation these cases merit, and send the message that we will not tolerate deplorable treatment of our families.

These and other acts of negligence are just some of the causes of injuries that lead victims and their families to seek out a Bronx medical malpractice lawyer. For three decades, Sonin & Genis has been tackling some of New York’s toughest cases, and obtaining excellent results.


Even though New York State requires a Certificate of Merit in order to commence a lawsuit – to weed out any potentially meritless cases, in 2011 only 1,379 medical insurance claims were paid in all of New York State.

The fact is that medical malpractice cases are one of the hardest types of cases to win. The insurance companies that defend doctors and hospitals against medical malpractice claims are experts at evading and avoiding responsibility, delaying and denying legitimate claims.

Insurance companies for medical malpractice would rather pay to defend a case than to settle it. Insurance companies pay vast sums of money to skilled defense attorney, lawyers that are experienced in defending doctors that are guilty of malpractice, and in blaming the victim. It is a myth that insurance companies pay outrageous sums of money just to settle cases; they fight tooth and nail to avoid paying just compensation on cases to increase their profits.

The insurance companies pay large fees to other doctors, people who are all too willing to defend the indefensible and protect their fellow physicians, members of the same small club and medical societies.  It is in the doctor’s own self interest to make malpractice cases impossible to win by lowering the standards of acceptable care, endangering all members of our community. According to the insurance companies’ hand-picked, self-serving and biased “experts”, defendant healthcare providers never commit malpractice, and when they do, their negligence is never the proximate cause of any damages because “nothing could have been done” or “it would have happened no matter what was done”.

And even in cases where the insurance company agrees that the doctor committed medical malpractice, the insurance policies usually require the guilty physician to admit fault and consent to the settlement, something many doctors refuse to do.

And many jurors were raised to trust and rely on doctors, hospital and healthcare providers, and it is simply too scary for them to think that their beloved provider could betray their trust.

Defendant hospitals, Doctors, their powerful insurance companies, medical societies and “expert witnesses” present a unified “white wall of silence” and they blackball, blacklist, smear, attack and ostracize the few courageous physicians willing to stand up for patient safety and publicly tell the truth: that malpractice occurs, endangering all of us, when and how malpractice happens, and the consequences of it to all of us.

A skilled Bronx medical malpractice lawyer is able to find qualified doctors brave enough to take on the medical establishment and insurance companies and expose medical negligence in the hopes of preventing further incidents of malpractice, and to improve the quality of health care for all of us. Raising the standards of care instead of lowering them, benefits all members of our community.

Healthcare professionals that choose to fail to follow these patient safety rules are responsible for all harms and losses they needlessly cause, and the top notch Bronx Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Sonin & Genis, will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve so that you get all the help and fixes you need.

An experienced Bronx medical malpractice lawyer is prepared, able and willing to go the distance it takes to do battle against huge and powerful insurance companies.

You need a lawyer that understands and knows the medicine and cause of injury and is able to educate and teach a jury the significance and permanent consequences of these harms and losses, so that a fair jury can provide the helps and fixes that justice requires. You need a lawyer that has the knowledge and ability to successfully cross-examine the stable of defense doctors and litigation experts that the insurance companies routinely rely on to deny liability, causation and damages to deprive injured people their fair compensation.

We have an excellent medical reference library.  We read and research medical and other journals regularly.  Our lawyers have taught Continuing Legal Education Classes and published articles on handling these types of cases and these issues.  Our knowledge, hard work and skill have enabled us to win many significant verdicts on behalf of our clients.

At Sonin & Genis, we are familiar with good and accepted medical practices and standards of care, with the latest medical literature, and we will work hard to hold accountable healthcare providers for all of the harms and losses that their unnecessary violation of patient safety rules causes.

When a healthcare provider chooses to fail to follow patient safety rules, the rules of differential diagnosis and scientific methods for promptly and properly diagnosing and treating cancer or misdiagnoses the real illness, they have made a reckless choice that needlessly endangers the patient.  And worse, it is a betrayal of the trust that we all place in our healthcare providers.

A knowledgeable Bronx medical malpractice lawyer knows that doctors aren’t the only parties that can be responsible for unsafe medical decisions and choices by healthcare providers. Hospitals, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and chiropractors violate basic patient safety rules that result in harms and losses, such as pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. The attorneys at Sonin & Genis will identify the party or parties responsible for the malpractice, and ensure that damages are sought that cover current as well as future medical care.

Sonin & Genis understands how expensive medical treatment is, the loss of wages sustained because of work missed, the financial hardships suffered by the victims of medical negligence, as well as the physical, mental, emotional toll it takes, and they seek full and fair compensation for all harms and losses sustained in order to make you whole again.


Patients and their families are not usually aware that there has been medical malpractice. You cannot always tell that there has been medical negligence at the time it happens. Unfortunately, healthcare providers are not usually forthcoming about their negligence.

Sometimes, the consequences of medical malpractice are not apparent or identified immediately. For example, a condition may not be apparent or manifest itself until long after childbirth or surgery, and no one in the family suspects a connection between the condition and the malpractice.

When a hospital, a doctor or nurse or other health care provider chooses not to abide by the required standards of care, the results can be devastating. Even seemingly minor procedures by health care providers, or their decisions can result in catastrophic consequences.

A multimillion-dollar verdict for a catastrophically injured person can insure that they have the best possible quality of life and get all the care and treatment they need, and are compensated for their loss of enjoyment of life.

Our extensive knowledge of medicine, medical guidelines and standards is one of the factors that make us the go-to firm in medical malpractice cases. This is especially important since medical societies have become political organizations that are more concerned with protecting doctors than the public they treat and took an oath to protect. Many of these groups have weakened and watered down their own standards and changed medical terminology solely to protect their members against their own violations of good medical practices.

Some healthcare providers and medical societies choose to ignore that standards of care exist to protect the patient, not the doctor. They choose to forget that being a healthcare provider is a privilege, not an excuse.

Compassion, dedication and a total mastery of the law and medicine is our trademark. We have kept our firm small to ensure that our clients receive the personal attention they need, when they need it. With easy access to our lawyers, clients are assured of representation that is as tenacious as it is heartfelt.

As a cancer survivor, Sherri Sonin brings a special empathy to her clients. “We don’t take cases just for the money,” says Sherri, “We take them because it’s the right thing to do.” When the case is medical malpractice in New York other lawyers call Sonin & Genis.

This is especially important in medical malpractice cases because the consequences of an accident or negligence can last a lifetime. For example, injuries to babies during birth can result in serious and permanent neurological problems. Proper compensation for the family must factor in years and years of costly medical care.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are experts at minimizing and denying claims. The Bronx medical malpractice lawyers at Sonin & Genis have the experience and the will to take on these giants and emerge victorious.


The lawyers at Sonin & Genis have the necessary knowledge and skills to help ensure that the outcome is in your favor, and you are compensated accordingly. Known as the “heavy-hitters with heart,” Sonin & Genis know that results of a medical malpractice case don’t only affect the parties in the courtroom, they have lasting consequences for the entire family.

Our expert medical malpractice lawyers have seen firsthand that cases won in the Bronx are beneficial for all of New York State. One of our notable victories resulted in a change to New York law that gave families, not hospitals, the right to decide when to cease life support.

In another case, Sonin & Genis fought for and won the application of a warning label on a candy wrapper after a child’s choking death. “We’re proud to make the world a better, safer place,” says Sonin.

This commitment to justice for victims, their families, and for others who may encounter similar situations in the future is what drives Sonin & Genis to dedicate our resources and vast experience to ensuring that you and your family are rightly compensated for the pain, suffering, and expenses caused by medical negligence and malpractice.

It’s important to act quickly. If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice involving a municipal hospital, one that is owned, operated or funded by the City, such as the New York City Health & Hospitals Corp. [NYCH&HC], a County, the State or Federal government – a Notice of Claim is required, a legal document that explains your claim, and must usually be prepared by your attorneys and served on the municipality within 90 days of injury, and sometimes even sooner. Some private hospitals receive federal funds, and a claim must be filed with the federal government. Because wherever possible records must be obtained and reviewed before the Notice of Claim is prepared and filed, time is of the essence and it is vital that you act quickly!

At Sonin & Genis, we know that you have more important things to worry about than getting records and preparing and filing legal documents, so we take of everything so that you can focus on taking care of your family, so call the experienced New York medical malpractice lawyers at Sonin & Genis.

There are short Statutes of Limitations within which to commence a lawsuit to protect your rights, so it is important to act quickly!

The path to justice begins with experienced lawyers with the skills and knowledge required to achieve justice and obtain maximum compensation for their clients. Call Sonin and Genis (718 561-4444) to speak to a top Bronx medical malpractice lawyer today.

*Sonin & Genis has taught CLE classes on medical malpractice cases