When others negligently cause harms and losses, we provide fixes and helps.

Bob Genis & Sherri Sonin are safety advocates working to make the world safer one case at a time. We have dedicated our professional lives to helping injured people and have successfully litigated wrongful death, serious personal injury, negligence and medical malpractice cases in state and federal courts in a number of states, winning significant verdicts on behalf of those that suffered needless harm, and helping compensate and protect members of the community.

Sonin & Genis

Our long and strong record of bringing wrongdoers to justice and ensuring that our clients receive just compensation is well established: our verdicts have been listed by the National Law Journal, the New York Law Journal, New York Magazine and ALM Verdictsearch as being some of the highest verdicts and settlements in the USA and New York State.

As leaders and members of various National, Statewide and local lawyer Bar Associations and Trial Lawyer groups, as noted speakers that teach Continuing Legal Education to Lawyers and Judges on a National, State and local level, as acknowledged “Super Lawyers”, “Million Dollar Advocates”, and “National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers“, by our peers, and as frequently published authors with recognized scholarship in law, our commitment to righting wrongs and fighting for our clients is well known:  one of our lawyers received the only “Lawyer’s Lawyer Award” ever awarded by the Bronx County Bar Association, and our lawyers have been Honored by other Bar Associations.

Our goal is to obtain a full and just verdict that will give our client the best possible quality of life. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Sonin & Genis have obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for injured clients and their families, which helps make them whole, permits closure to what may be a life changing event, and allows them to have the quality of care that they need.

At Sonin & Genis we are proud of the fact that we help our communities and clients in many ways.  By holding accountable those that needlessly endanger others, we send out a strong message: failure to comply with common sense safety rules and causing unnecessary harm to members of our community will not be tolerated.  The jury verdicts we achieve against those that fail to exercise reasonably prudent care encourages others to exercise due care, which makes our communities safer and helps protect us.

While it would be nice if landlords, hospitals, manufacturers and others did the right thing because it is the right thing, the sad reality is that the fear of being held accountable for their needless endangerment to members of our community causes them to act safely and responsibly. Safety is no accident.



We help secure fair and just monetary compensation for our clients and their families, to help them live with dignity, independence and have their needs met.  We know that an injury to one member of a family can affect all members of that family.


Whatever the cause of harm, the personal injury lawyers at Sonin & Genis will identify the responsible parties and fight tirelessly to obtain complete compensation for physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages, and medical care. At Sonin & Genis our New York personal injury attorneys have the experience and resources to investigate your case and obtain the financial award or settlement to which you are entitled, either through trial or mediation.

Whether it is through qualified expert witnesses or published literature and books, charts, diagrams or models, or cross examination of insurance company defense litigation witnesses, we will show what the defendants did wrong, and what harms they unnecessarily caused and help educate a jury, the conscience of our community, how to allow full compensation for our clients.


For over thirty years, our attorneys have been taking on powerful opponents and obtaining justice for our clients, winning a reputation among New York personal injury attorneys for being “heavy-hitters with heart”. We care about our clients and understand how their injuries have changed their lives. Our commitment to seeking justice for those needlessly harmed, their families, and for others who may encounter similar situations in the future, is what drives Sonin & Genis to dedicate our resources and vast experience to ensuring that you and your family are fairly compensated for all of the harms, losses and expenses needlessly caused by the negligent conduct of others.

Our commitment to our community extends into our teaching and relationships with other attorneys. At Sonin & Genis we frequently answer questions for other lawyers, and the majority of our business is referred from other attorneys who trust us to try and win even the most difficult of cases.

When you want caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled lawyers, you want Sonin & Genis.

When you need experienced, talented and hardworking attorneys, you need Sonin & Genis.

When lawyers want to learn Evidence to Win*, Depositions to Win*, and how to win their trials, they come to classes taught by Sonin & Genis.

When the stakes are high and you need to win, you need Sonin & Genis. Every client of Sonin & Genis receives our experience, resources and attention. We don’t just handle cases, we represent people.

Giving Back to our Community

At Sonin & Genis, we believe in giving back and contributing to our community.  While we are involved in numerous charitable groups, “Happiness is Camping” is one of our favorite  charities.  “Happiness is Camping” is a Bronx-based not-for profit organization that provides a free opportunity for children with cancer to enjoy being a kid in a beautiful, pristine wilderness retreat in NJ, with full medical facilities and staff.  Help us help children with cancer by contributing to or volunteering at Happiness is Camping.  Office: 2169 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10453  Tel: (718) 295-3100.   Camp: 62 Sunset Lake Road, Hardwick, NJ 07825  Tel: (908) 362-6733.

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* Actual Continuing Legal Education classes taught by Mr. Genis