Nearly 3 million people are injured, and almost 5,000 people die, every year, while working.  A high percentage of those injured at work are construction workers.  The risks and dangers on construction sites are everywhere – companies that fail to provide necessary safety equipment and devices, inadequate safety precautions, inadequate safety training and inspections, choosing to violate OSHA safety requirements and turn a “blind eye” to dangerous equipment, hazardous situations, and the carelessness of others. Some contractors are more concerned with profit than safety – which means that many safety rules and regulations are violated, often resulting in needless serious injury or death.

At Sonin & Genis, we believe that every worker has the right to work in safe environment and come home injury free.  The people that build our buildings, homes, cities, bridges, tunnels and roads have the basic human right of working in safe conditions.  Sadly, the hard working people in this field are needlessly exposed to preventable harms, and unnecessarily become injured or killed on the job.

The accomplished New York construction accident lawyers at Sonin & Genis have won many multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for workers and bystanders injured or killed on jobsites, so that they and their families are fairly compensated for their harms and losses. Our thorough preparation of cases is based upon our knowledge of all applicable laws and standards. This includes OSHA and New York State Labor Laws Sections 240, 241, and 200, which give people the right to a safe workplace, especially when working from scaffolds, ladders, and heights.


With the amount of construction in New York, and unsafe “short-cuts” taken to increase company’s profits, it is not surprising that the volume of injuries is high. Construction rates high on the list of dangerous professions in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

  • There are over 150,000 construction related accidents every year
  • One out of every ten construction workers will be involved in some sort of accident
  • 1,000 workers will die as the result of work related injuries each year

Many construction accidents are caused by negligent general contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, various trades and independent contractors, and equipment manufacturers.  The owner of the property may also be liable for injuries or death that occur at sites involving construction, excavation, renovation, alteration or demolition.

Accidents involving pedestrians near construction sites, delivery personnel, food service workers on the site or visitors to the site are also common. New York construction accident lawyers help all those who are harmed on a job site. Sonin & Genis has recovered millions of dollar for those injured in construction accidents.

Construction accidents can cause a multitude of injuries including death, comas, internal bleeding, concussions, spine injuries and paralysis, broken bones, fractures, damages to discs, nerves, muscles and tissues in the spine, to joints and their tendons, ligaments, nerves and cartilage – especially vulnerable joints like knees, shoulders, wrists, feet, ankles and elbows. Protruding, bulging or herniated discs can be disabling. Other disabling injuries include: torn rotator cuffs to shoulders, torn meniscus and chondromalacia to knees, carpal tunnel syndrome to wrists, and other injuries.

Trauma to joints can cause or aggravate painful and disabling arthritis and degenerative joint disease. Surgery may help but not cure these injuries. Recovering from these life-altering injuries is not only painful; it requires costly and time-consuming medical treatment, doctor visits and rehabilitation. Costly medical treatment and doctors visits are required to treat these injuries.

Victims are often temporarily or permanently unable to work, or work with difficulty, limitations or restrictions and may have a diminished work life and diminished earnings because of their injuries.

After a construction accident, worker’s compensation or disability [short or long term] only replaces a small portion of your wages, none of your benefits, and gives nothing to compensate you for your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of self respect, dignity and independence, or helps your family during a difficult time. 

Moreover, workers’ compensation may be contested by the employer, and payments may be reduced or stopped, and necessary medical treatment may be withheld.

You can receive compensation benefits through your employer’s insurance, and bring a lawsuit against someone else who may have caused or contributed to your injuries.

If someone other than your employer is responsible for your accident you may be entitled to far greater compensation than the insignificant amount allowed by Workers Compensation. Sonin & Genis’ expert New York construction accident lawyer will identify those at fault and bring you the justice you deserve.

Construction workers take a chance every day when you go to work, don’t take a chance on your legal counsel if you are injured. Consult an experienced New York construction accident lawyer immediately.

If you are the victim of a jobsite accident, immediately seek all appropriate medical attention.  Health comes first!  Report what happened to your employer.  Do not sign anything until you speak to a qualified construction accident lawyer.


Victims of construction accidents have rights and only a lawyer familiar with the construction industry will know and understand those rights. At Sonin & Genis, our New York construction accident lawyers will stand by you to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies are experts at denying claims and helping their clients shirk, evade and avoid responsibility.

You need a lawyer that understands and knows the about OSHA requirements, construction standards of care, about scaffolds and ladders, engineering, medicine and biomechanics of injury and is able to educate and teach a jury the significance and permanent consequences of these harms and losses, so that a fair jury can provide the helps and fixes that justice requires.

You need a lawyer that has the knowledge and ability to successfully cross-examine the stable of defense doctors and litigation experts that the insurance companies routinely rely on to deny liability, causation and damages to deprive injured people their fair compensation.

We have an excellent construction, medical, forensic and engineering reference library.  We read and research medical and other journals regularly.  Our lawyers have taught Continuing Legal Education Classes and published articles on handling these types of cases and these issues.  Our knowledge, hard work and skill have enabled us to win many significant verdicts on behalf of our clients.

In addition to being familiar with NYS Labor Sections 200, 240 and 241, a skilled lawyer must know NYS Labor Law, Sections §§27-a, 27, 29, NYS Department of Labor and the Industrial Code Rule and Part 23, and pertinent OSHA Rules, Standards and Requirements.

At Sonin & Genis, we understand that winning construction accident cases doesn’t just help one family; it helps the families of all construction workers on job sites all around New York.

Make sure you get the results you deserve by getting a New York construction accident lawyer who has experience with construction injuries and New York construction laws on your case today. You owe it to yourself and your family to get the best representation possible.

It’s important to act quickly. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident on property owned, operated or funded by a City, County, State, Public Authority, any Municipal entity or on a public job – a Notice of Claim, a legal document that explains your claim, is required, and must usually be prepared by your attorneys and served on the municipality within 90 days of injury, and sometimes even sooner. Some projects are on Federal property or receive Federal funds, and there are separate claim requirements.

Because wherever possible records must be obtained and reviewed before the Notice of Claim is prepared and filed, time is of the essence and it is vital that you act quickly!

At Sonin & Genis, we know that you have more important things to worry about than getting records and preparing and filing legal documents, so we take of everything so that you can focus on taking care of your family, so call the experienced New York construction lawyers at Sonin & Genis.

There are short Statutes of Limitations within which to commence a lawsuit to protect your rights, so it is important to act quickly!

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*Sonin & Genis has taught CLE classes on construction accident cases