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Death is the ultimate injury.  Death is a catastrophe, a tragedy.  But what makes the loss of a loved one intolerable is when their death is caused by man’s negligence and not God’s will.  Death that is needlessly caused by unnecessary negligence or malpractice causes a void and loss so deep, so irreparable, that we cannot begin to have closure and heal until there is justice and full recognition of the worth of the human being that has been taken from us wrongfully and prematurely.

Negligence, unnecessary accidents and medical malpractice, kills about 321,000 people every year.  If you or a loved one has lost a family member due to negligence or malpractice, the Bronx Wrongful Death, Accident & Injury Lawyers at Sonin & Genis can help obtain justice and full compensation for the loss of a life.

At Sonin & Genis, we are caring and passionate advocates that have dedicated our professional lives to helping families in their time of need. We know what it is to lose a loved one, the depth and breadth of the harm to your family, and we will properly voice your loss.   We are proud that one of our verdicts is on record as being one of the top jury verdicts of the year in the USA and New York in the National Law JournalNew York Law JournalNew York Magazine, and ALM Verdictsearch.


What value do we place on the person that is our rock – who gives us nurture, guidance, assistance – moral, intellectual and physical training?   We are all children until we lose a parent.  We become incomplete when we lose our mate.  And we become devastated when we lose all that we have created, a part of ourselves – our child.  We understand the awesome responsibility you entrust us with – to speak for the dead and their survivors, so that your departed family member will rest easy knowing their family is provided for, protected and safe.

Who will speak for the dead and for the survivors?  You need more than a great lawyer. You need Sonin & Genis.

Many of us may not have much money, but we are rich.  How do we obtain full compensation for the deepest and most painful losses of all, the loss of our most valuable treasure, the person that gives life meaning and makes it enjoyable and worthwhile?


Only an experienced, skilled trial lawyer that understands your loss, your life, what made the deceased unique and special, can properly present the facts and evidence to obtain all that the law allows to compensate the family.

What is the replacement value of a human – not just their earnings and potential earnings, but what of the many vital roles a mother, father, spouse, son, daughter or sibling plays in our development and existence? A life coach, a counselor, a therapist, a tutor, a mentor, an advisor and so much more.

And how will the rent be paid, who will put food on the table, pay for clothing, school and college, birthdays, holidays, weddings and family events and all that the earnings of the deceased brought us for survival? A top trial lawyer knows how to successfully prove all economic losses, and where appropriate, hire a qualified economic expert to assist the jury in evaluating these quantifiable injuries.

You need a lawyer that is able to educate and teach a jury the significance and permanent consequences of these harms and losses, so that a fair jury can provide the helps and fixes that justice requires. You need a lawyer that has the knowledge and ability to successfully cross-examine the stable of defense doctors and litigation experts that the insurance companies routinely rely on to deny liability, causation and damages to deprive injured people their fair compensation.


Sonin & Genis has the knowledge, experience, and understanding to appreciate the full extent of such a permanent harm, and properly prove, explain and teach the significance and consequences to the family, and of the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment before and leading to death, that was sustained.

By presenting qualified experts and skillfully cross examining the paid opinions of insurance company defense “courtroom doctors”, we are able to accurately convey the magnitude of these injuries. Our expertise, skill and talent is recognized by our peers:  most of our cases are referred to us by other attorneys. Besides being top trial attorneys, both Sherri Sonin & Robert Genis are also noted personal injury law lecturers & authors. New York legal experts know that Sonin & Genis can take on the toughest cases and win.

We have an excellent medical, psychological, forensic and engineering reference library.  We read and research medical and other journals regularly.  Our lawyers have taught Continuing Legal Education Classes and published articles on handling these types of cases and these issues.  Our knowledge, hard work and skill have enabled us to win many significant verdicts on behalf of our clients.

At Sonin & Genis, we understand that a fair settlement or jury verdict affirms the belief that we are each one of God’s creations, a unique and valuable person, no matter our social or economic standing.  A verdict allows the surviving family members to hold their heads up high because members of the community have found that a person did not have to die, and recognizes that the person was somebody, and had significant worth.  Monetary compensation helps fill the void and allows the surviving family to live and not merely survive.

It’s important to act quickly. If a loved one has been killed in an accident that involves a City, County, State, Public Authority, or any Municipal entity – including trips/slips on publicly owned sidewalks, incidents involving buses or subways, schools, hospitals, publicly own buildings, or the police –  a Notice of Claim, a legal document that explains your claim, is required, and must usually be prepared by your attorneys and served on the municipality within 90 days of injury, and sometimes even sooner. Some accidents involve Federally owned vehicles, Federal employees, occur on Federal property or projects that receive Federal funds, and there are separate claim requirements.

Because wherever possible records must be obtained and reviewed before the Notice of Claim is prepared and filed, time is of the essence and it is vital that you act quickly!

At Sonin & Genis, we know that you have more important things to worry about than getting records and preparing and filing legal documents, probating a will or have someone appointed to act on behalf of the Estate by the Surrogate’s Court, so we take of everything so that you can focus on taking care of your family, so call the experienced New York wrongful death lawyers at Sonin & Genis.

The Statutes of Limitations within which to commence a lawsuit to protect your rights is shorter in a wrongful death case than in an injury case, so it is important to act quickly!

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*Sonin & Genis has taught CLE classes on Wrongful Death cases