Elevators and escalators seriously injure 17,000 and kill about 30 people each year in the United States, according to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. With proper maintenance, these injuries and fatalities are preventable.

If you or a loved one has been injured on an elevator or escalator, call one of the experienced, knowledgeable, experienced and hard working elevator accident lawyers at Sonin & Genis.  We are proud that one of our verdicts in a personal injury case was written up as one of the top jury verdicts of the year in the National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, New York Magazine, and ALM Verdictsearch.

Most of us are required to use elevators or escalators on a daily basis. While elevators are required to be safe, we have all heard of horrific instances of elevators with passengers plummeting out of control, or having doors slam into people or mis-leveling, causing needless harm to members of our community.  Unfortunately, inadequate maintenance and repair will result in hazardous conditions and mechanical malfunctions that can result in horrendous accidents causing loss of life and limb.

Because of the failure to conduct frequent and proper inspections and properly maintain elevators and escalators, in violation of safety rules of ANSI (A-17) and ASME, the NYC Admin Code and NYS Codes and Regulations, people are unnecessarily and seriously harmed every day.

Elevators and escalators that are negligently maintained can cause death or serious injuries like paralysis, Traumatic Brain Injury, coma, internal bleeding, spine injuries, broken bones, fractures, damages to discs, nerves, muscles and tissues in the spine, to joints and their tendons, ligaments, nerves and cartilage – especially vulnerable joints like knees, shoulders, wrists, feet, ankles and elbows. Protruding, bulging or herniated discs can be disabling. Other disabling injuries include: torn rotator cuffs to shoulders, torn meniscus and chondromalacia to knees, carpal tunnel syndrome to wrists, and other injuries.

Trauma to joints can cause or aggravate painful and disabling arthritis and degenerative joint disease. Surgery may help but not cure these injuries. Recovering from these life-altering injuries is not only painful; it requires costly and time-consuming medical treatment, doctor visits and rehabilitation. Costly medical treatment and doctors visits are required to treat these injuries.

Victims are often temporarily or permanently unable to work, or work with difficulty, limitations or restrictions and may have a diminished work life and diminished earnings because of their injuries.

You need a lawyer that understands and knows the engineering, medicine and biomechanics of injury and is able to educate and teach a jury the significance and permanent consequences of these harms and losses, so that a fair jury can provide the helps and fixes that justice requires.

New York is home to more than 75,000 elevators, and every year there are countless accidents that unnecessarily harm members of our community that the elevator companies and buildings fail to report; in 2011 there were only 53 reported accidents, and three deaths! While it is bad enough that so many people are needlessly harmed each year because of uncaring, negligent landlords, it adds insult to injury that they try to avoid responsibility by burying, hiding or trying to cover up their negligence and fail to report these incidents, and sometimes even deny that they happened!

You need a lawyer that has the knowledge and ability to successfully cross-examine the stable of defense doctors and litigation experts that the insurance companies routinely rely on to deny liability, causation and damages to deprive injured people their fair compensation.

We have an excellent medical, forensic and engineering reference library.  We read and research medical and other journals regularly.  Our lawyers have taught Continuing Legal Education Classes and published articles on handling these types of cases and these issues.  Our knowledge, hard work and skill have enabled us to win many significant verdicts on behalf of our clients.

When landlords, managing agents and elevator companies choose to put profit before safety, people are not safe in their homes and work places. Elevator servicing and maintenance companies that improperly “cut corners” or landlords that put profits before safety, allowing unsafe elevators to mis-level, having malfunctioning door sensors, over speeding and freefalling, all causing serious harms and losses to people. At times like these, where can you find the best New York elevator accident lawyers?

At Sonin & Genis, we provide dedicated and experienced legal representation for victims of elevator and escalator accidents and their families.

If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident you need NY elevator accident lawyers willing and able to identify the responsible parties and win the largest settlement or award possible. They must be familiar with all relevant laws and codes such as ANSI A17, AMSE, and other New York City and State Codes.

Known as “the heavy hitters with heart,” Sonin & Genis’ accomplished team of NY personal injury attorneys have all the tools required to win your case. We bring the resources and experiences of a large law firm, but have intentionally kept the firm small so that each client receives personal representation and service. Every case receives the full attention of the award-winning New York elevator and escalator accident lawyers at Sonin & Genis. We fight tirelessly to obtain just compensation for all the accident victims we represent.


There may be multiple parties responsible for an elevator or escalator accident. Maintenance companies, equipment manufacturers, managing agents and property owners may all be liable for your accident. Sonin & Genis’ expert New York elevator accident lawyers will investigate the accident and identify the parties responsible.

Thanks to our toughness, tenacity, and talent for winning multimillion-dollar awards, the personal injury attorneys at Sonin & Genis have become the “go-to law firm” for the many NY lawyers who refer their most difficult cases to the Sonin & Genis team.

The lawyers at Sonin & Genis know well that a successful outcome in an elevator or escalator accident case can make New York safer for everyone. Our victories have led to the led to a safer community by forcing others to exercise reasonable care so as to avoid unnecessarily exposing others to harms and losses.

We believe in making our communities safer by holding accountable those that unnecessarily expose members of the community to harm. Sonin & Genis have a reputation for compassionately and aggressively representing families who have suffered harm and loss, fearlessly taking on large insurance companies and corporations, and winning fair, full, and just compensation. In the words of senior and founding partner Sherri Sonin, “We’re proud to make the world a better, safer place.”


Victims of serious accidents need serious representation. Sonin & Genis receives many of our cases from other NY personal injury lawyers who respect our ability to win tough trials.

Besides being accomplished trial lawyers, Sherri Sonin & Robert Genis are all respected authors and educators who believe that teaching other lawyers is one of the best ways to protect accident victims and increase the safety of the city. Bob Genis teaches Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes on how to handle elevator and escalator cases, helping future generations of attorneys better protect their clients’ rights.

The firm’s New York elevator accident lawyers never shy away from difficult cases and never back down from a trial. For more than three decades we have been winning large verdicts and settlements for our clients, leading to our reputation as “The Go to Law Firm” where other attorneys refer their toughest cases. In fact, Robert Genis received the “Lawyer’s Lawyer” award from the Bronx County Bar Association for his contributions.

It’s important to act quickly. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of a municipality involving an elevator or escalator – whether in a building, a school, that is owned, operated, managed or funded by the City, such as Housing Preservation & Development [HPD] or the Department of Education, a County, a Public Authority, such as the New York City Housing Authority [NYCHA], or in a hospital such as one operated by the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation [NYCH&HC], at a train or bus station involving the Metropolitan Transportation Authority [MTA], New York City Transit Authority [NYCTA], Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority [MABSTOA], Metro-North, Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit Authority, Port Authority of NY & NJ, New York Sports Authority (or countless other public entities), the State or Federal government – a Notice of Claim is usually required, a legal document that explains your claim, and must usually be prepared by your attorneys and served on the municipality within 90 days of injury, and sometimes sooner. Some private entities receive federal funds, and a claim must be filed with the federal government. Because wherever possible records must be obtained and reviewed before the Notice of Claim is prepared and filed, time is of the essence and it is vital that you act quickly!

At Sonin & Genis, we know that you have more important things to worry about than getting records and preparing and filing legal documents, so we take of everything so that you can focus on taking care of your family, so call the experienced New York Elevator lawyers at Sonin & Genis.

There are short Statutes of Limitations within which to commence a lawsuit to protect your rights, so it is important to act quickly!

If your or a loved one has been injured, you need top of the league legal representation. Call Sonin & Genis (718-561-4444) to speak to an expert New York elevator accident lawyer today.

*Sonin & Genis has taught CLE classes on elevator accident cases