Children are our future, and the most cherished members of every family, and they have the right to a safe, loving and healthy upbringing.  All kids need proper care, supervision and monitoring, and a safe environment.  When innocent children are harmed, it harms and diminishes all of us.

When children are harmed, you need a lawyer that not only understands the needs and requirements of properly caring for kids, but the special ways injuries affect children and their families – you need a caring parent as well.

If your child has been injured, call one of the expert, knowledgeable, experienced child accident lawyers at Sonin & Genis.  We are proud that one of our verdicts in a personal injury case was written up as one of the top jury verdicts of the year in the National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, New York Magazine, and ALM Verdictsearch.

When playgrounds or schools, places where children should feel free to safely play and be kids, lack proper and adequate padding and appropriate and safe equipment, have improper devices or unsafe toys, it puts our children in a danger and can cause them unnecessary harm. These are preventable injuries.

Schools and day-care centers should provide adequate supervision and monitoring so that children are not unnecessarily exposed to needless harm, whether it be harm from other children, adults or physical conditions.

It is legally irresponsible, morally wrong and inexcusable when companies knowingly sell defective toys that can cause lead poisoning or pose physical danger to a child.  We are proud of the fact that one of our cases resulted in companies placing proper and adequate warnings on candy to prevent other small children from choking and needlessly dying.

Pediatricians should adhere to the law and good and accepted medical standards and never needlessly expose children to unnecessary harm by choosing to fail to perform required lead poisoning tests and giving full and proper anticipatory guidance and advice.

At Sonin & Genis our Bronx child injury lawyers protect defenseless children from all negligence.   We do not believe that any child should ever be a victim of negligent and malicious crimes such as bullying, abuse, assault and molestation, and by holding accountable all those responsible for allowing and creating circumstances that permit such life shattering events to occur, and letting all know of their heightened duty to properly supervise, monitor children and those that we entrust them with, we help protect all children.

The expert personal injury lawyers at Sonin & Genis recognize the extreme importance of holding accountable the party or parties responsible for a preventable accident. Winning a Bronx child injury case doesn’t just help the family of the injured child, it helps prevent another child from being harmed and protects all of our children, and safeguards their futures. We aren’t just lawyers, we are parents too.

We are thoroughly versed in all laws and regulations such as Consumer Product Safety codes and other federal guidelines. Known as “the heavy hitters with heart” for the compassion with which we treat our clients and for our relentless pursuit of justice.


Children are especially susceptible to head and brain injuries. When a child falls and experiences a head injury due to negligent supervision or inadequate padding or inappropriate toys, the resulting Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can be devastating, often causing serious medical complications and permanent physical and mental disabilities.

Injury to the mind can require extensive medical attention and treatment from expensive specialists such as neurologists, neuropsychologists or neurosurgeons, and the Bronx child injury lawyers at Sonin & Genis will ensure that the compensation is obtained to cover past, current, and future medical expenses.

Growing children have softer skulls than adults, and their brains are more likely to be damaged by a powerful blow to the head, causing side effects such as:

  • Paralysis
  • Cognitive losses, impairments or disabilities
  • Memory problems
  • Diminished focus or concentration
  • Slurring or delay of speech
  • Psychological, emotional and behavioral problems
  • Impaired balance or coordination
  • Headaches


Sadly, head and brain trauma aren’t the only reasons you may need the services of an expert Bronx child injury lawyer.

Children also suffer bodily injuries: broken bones, fractures, damages to discs, nerves, muscles and tissues in the spine, to joints and their tendons, ligaments, nerves and cartilage – especially vulnerable joints like knees, shoulders, wrists, feet, ankles and elbows. Protruding, bulging or herniated discs can be disabling. Other disabling injuries include: torn rotator cuffs to shoulders, torn meniscus and chondromalacia to knees, carpal tunnel syndrome to wrists, and other injuries. Damage to growth plates is always a special concern with children.

Trauma to joints can affect growth cause premature onset of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. Surgery may help but not cure these injuries.

Physical and emotional scars, inside and out, can be just as disabling. Loss of innocence, trust and learning fear, having nightmares, and feeling different are scars that may last a lifetime.

And what about the costs of future care, and the loss or diminished ability to earn a living in the future?


Road and traffic injuries: Children are often injured in accidents caused by negligent drivers who fail to pay attention and observe traffic rules and regulations.

Drowning: Inadequate or improper supervision at swimming pools and parks can lead to drowning or other injuries.

Lead Poisoning: Negligent landlords, owners and operators of schools and day care centers can result in children being harmed through exposure to illegal lead paint.

Product Liability: Manufacturers that choose to fail to properly test toys and other goods and sell for profit products that are hazardous to children should be held accountable for all injuries that they cause, and unsafe products should be taken off the market or made safe and only sold with adequate warnings. Toxic paint or materials and small parts that can choke small children are just two of the dangers children face when playing with unsafe products. Design flaws may lead to suffocation, choking, burns, fractures, and poisoning.

Medical Malpractice: Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals sometimes choose to violate basic patient safety rules and standards of care. The results can be devastating for a child.

Successfully prosecuting child injury and accident cases often requires taking on massive insurance companies whose goal is to deny victims the compensation they deserve. Sonin & Genis as earned a reputation as “the go-to lawyers” because many of our cases are referred from other attorneys who trust us to win even the toughest of cases.

We understand that how a child develops and their future may be at stake – their ability to fulfill their potential – academically, socially, athletically, and economically – their future careers and jobs, can all disappear in a moment.

Our Bronx child injury lawyers understand how important it is for you to focus on securing the proper treatment for your child. We vigorously pursue obtaining full compensation to right the wrong, for the pain suffering and loss of enjoyment of life – children are the people that enjoy life to its fullest, and suffer the most from injuries, to help the parents pay for the child’s medical care and regain wages lost while caring for the injured child. We pay close attention to every detail and never compromise the integrity or possible outcome of the case, always fighting for justice and representing each family with the utmost compassion and care.

It’s important to act quickly. If your child  has been injured due to the negligence of a municipality – whether a building, a school or day care center, a park, a sidewalk, a vehicle,  a negligent school crossing guard, or a defective roadway condition, broken traffic light or downed sign is involved, – that is owned, operated, managed or funded by the City, such as Housing Preservation & Development [HPD] or the Department of Education, a County, a Public Authority, such as the New York City Housing Authority [NYCHA], was improperly treated at the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation [NYCH&HC], on a train or bus involving the Metropolitan Transportation Authority [MTA], New York City Transit Authority [NYCTA], Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority [MABSTOA], Metro-North, Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit Authority, Port Authority of NY & NJ, New York Sports Authority (or countless other public entities), the State or Federal government – a Notice of Claim is usually required, a legal document that explains your claim, and must usually be prepared by your attorneys and served on the municipality within 90 days of injury, and sometimes sooner. Some private entities receive federal funds, and a claim must be filed with the federal government. Because wherever possible records must be obtained and reviewed before the Notice of Claim is prepared and filed, time is of the essence and it is vital that you act quickly!

At Sonin & Genis, we know that you have more important things to worry about than getting records and preparing and filing legal documents, so we take of everything so that you can focus on taking care of your family, so call the experienced New York Children’s lawyers at Sonin & Genis.

There are short Statutes of Limitations within which to commence a lawsuit to protect your rights, so it is important to act quickly!

If your child has suffered a debilitating injury, call Sonin & Genis (718-561-4444) to speak to an expert Bronx child injury lawyer today.

*Sonin & Genis has taught CLE classes on child injury cases