Betrayal of Trust

Most of us go about our lives placing our trust in others. We trust that our police will uphold the law and protect us. We trust that our doctors will put patient safety first. We trust that our work place will be safe. We trust that our landlords will make sure that our homes and our families are safe.  We trust that our schools will safeguard our children. We trust that our roads and sidewalks will be safe.

Unfortunately, our trust is frequently betrayed. It seems like it is a daily occurrence that we see on the news how police unnecessarily beat up, shoot or arrest and imprison an innocent person, resulting in needless harm to members of our community.

Doctors, more concerned with profits, choose to disregard basic patient safety rules and engage in assembly line medicine and unnecessarily expose patients to harm.

People live in homes or apartments that are unsafe, all so that a landlord can make more profit. A blind eye is turned to workplace safety. Schools are run by highly paid bureaucrats that care more about their tenure than our children.  Playgrounds are run down and unsafe for kids to play in.

Driving or taking a walk can require us to traipse through a minefield of potholes and cracks. Distracted drivers pose a serious safety menace.

Trains and subways derail, have excessive gaps from cars to platforms, and unsafe steps and platforms.

It seems that no one cares anymore.  Many corporations act like the only crime is getting caught.  Remember the good old days when people did the right thing because it was the right thing to do, they admitted when they wronged someone, and tried to make it right?  Back then, we didn’t need to be forced to go to court to protect our rights.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, when corporations choose to violate basic safety rules – what our grandparents taught us was common sense –they want to avoid accountability and hide behind their rich and powerful insurance companies that will pay millions of dollars to defense attorneys, but nothing to compensate those that have been wrongfully harmed, how can someone get justice?

The government is frequently the cause of the problem, so it won’t help us.  Where can a person looking for help turn?

The Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers at At Sonin & Genis, Esqs., we have dedicated our professional lives to being public safety advocates, to right the wrongs that are done and obtain full compensation to our clients.

The only way to get corporations and others that unnecessarily harm us to act safely is to hit them where it hurts, otherwise they will just brush off and discard the injured like worthless table scraps and go on as usual.

Our jury system functions as the conscience of the community. The jury is our safeguard, and public safety enforcer. The people are the ultimate private attorney generals, making others act safely.  A jury verdict sends out a loud message to the entire community that negligent behavior – unreasonable conduct – will not be tolerated, which helps make all of us safer.

Sonin & Genis is proud of our record verdicts and settlements that help compensate the families of those wrongfully injured, but that also makes our communities safer. We work hard, every day, to learn whatever we need to know to help our clients win. We handle all types of injury, accident and malpractice cases. We constantly read medical literature, police manuals, engineering books and we study law. We teach other lawyers how to win cases, because a society of highly trained lawyers benefits all of us. We publish articles to help educate the bench and bar.

If you, a loved one, friend or member of your family has been wrongly harmed, call Sonin & Genis at 718-561-4444, where one of our skilled and experienced attorneys is waiting to help you.


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