Metro North Train Derailment: An Avoidable Accident

On December 1, 2013, a Metro North Train derailed in the Bronx. The train wreck killed 4 and injured 68 people. If you or someone you love was involved in this or a similar accident with the NYC transportation system, a Notice of Claim is required to be filed within 90 days of the crash, and you should speak to a New York Train and Subway Accident Lawyer.

Metro North Train Wreck

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Was the Accident a Result of Negligence?

The cause of the wreck is under investigation, but the train was speeding [according to the NHTSA, 82 mph in a 30 mph zone], and this was a reason for the derailment. The train was speeding in a location with prior accidents.

The engineer was “nodding off and caught himself too late” before the crash. The engineer’s lawyer stated that this was the result of “highway hypnosis.”

“White line fever” is a common hazard among truck drivers, and is a known danger for train operators as well. Did the MTA do anything to prevent this known danger?

The need for positive train control technology, a safety device that monitors trains and stops them from colliding or derailing, is well established. The railroad industry has opposed the life saving technology because of the cost.

The engineer also said that the brakes failed. Determining what acts of negligence needlessly caused these deaths and injuries will require skilled lawyers. What role did the unsafe brakes and train tracks play; what necessary safety devices were lacking; what was done to prevent highway hypnosis; in addition to operator negligence, what were the causes of this tragedy and who is responsible?  The injured and the families of those that were killed need experienced and knowledgeable lawyers to identify all of the guilty parties and obtain full compensation for their injuries or their terrible losses.

When negligence is quietly swept under the rug, we are doomed to repeat the past. Avoidable injuries and preventable deaths should not be allowed to recur.

The healing process for all begins on the road to justice. Without justice, there cannot be closure for the families that have been harmed. We all need a public determination of what went wrong, for the benefit of the families and for the community. We need those responsible to be held accountable. Without accountability, there is no safety.

Whether all of the causes of this needless tragedy are brought to light and fixed so that this type of tragedy does not recur, and whether those that have suffered harms and losses get the help and full compensation they deserve, will depend on whether the injured families hire top lawyers.

Contact a Knowledgeable Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer

Railroads and their insurance companies get away with harming people by handsomely paying their defense lawyers, litigation experts, and investigators, who know how to avoid and evade responsibility and blame others, especially those they injured. They are skilled at belittling the value of human life. Without a qualified train accident attorney representing you, your chances of obtaining complete justice and full and fair compensation are not good.

Sonin & Genis, Bronx personal injury attorneys, are skilled, knowledgeable lawyers with experience taking on the MTA. MetroNorth, and in obtaining full compensation for those harmed by trains. Sonin & Genis obtained one of the largest verdicts in NY ($22 million). Sonin & Genis has dedicated their professional lives to passionately representing those that have been wrongfully harmed.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of a train or need legal help from a top Bronx Personal Injury lawyer, call Sonin & Genis [718-561-4444] to schedule a free consultation -they are only paid if you recover money, and if you cannot come to their office, they can visit you at your home or hospital.

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